Case Study

Case Study

Walmart 2021 Investment Community Meeting




Walmart has depended on LEO Events to handle their largest in-person productions for more than a decade, including their store managers and shareholders meetings. LEO oversees each of Walmart’s meetings, which are simulcast globally to an audience of more than 85,000, and each year, Walmart asks LEO to display our digital and technical chops for the CEO’s keynotes in innovative ways.

In 2021, LEO produced Walmart’s Investor Relations Meeting which sought an innovative and impactful reflection on the virtual world we currently inhabit. During the IRM, executives presented analysts and media with past financials and future projections. To accomplish this objective, LEO constructed an XR studio at Walmart’s home office for all executive presentations. Additionally, we designed a custom-created virtual reality environment with augmented reality presentation content to bring the LED set to life. Walmart eagerly piloted the developing design – talk about innovation.

The 2021 Event Featured:

  •  Bespoke LED studio
  •  Mixed reality environment through XR technology
  •  Virtual platform management
  •  Branded content and graphics


Shelley Hodgkinson, Sr. Director, Event Solutions & Corporate Affairs