Company Capabilities

Principals/Owners/Key Leadership Team

Wedad Abrusley
Owner and CEO

The evolution of a business is something that takes a great deal of work, time, honesty, and patience. All of which the founders of Oasis Foods strive to embody. For 3 decades, Wedad Abrusley and her husband Eddie Abrusley understood that through honest hard work and patience, a consumer focused organization would thrive. Although Mrs. Wedad lost her husband about 2 years ago, she continues Mr. Eddie's work along side their two daughters, one son, and a group of long time dedicated employees. Mrs. Wedad continues to operate the company in loving memory of her husband every day. Mr. Eddie will forever be missed by the Oasis family.
We would like to extend thanks to the many consumers that have been instrumental in the building and success of Oasis Foods through the years.