Products and Services



Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Oasis Foods offers a wide selection of quality national branded and private branded products for any customer's needs. Whether you are a foodservice establishment or a food lover cooking for big gatherings or for a large family, Oasis Foods has the selection of products and availability to quickly access items with minimal order time.
Oasis Foods has been the trusted source for quality products to our customer for 33 years. Allow us to serve you at your restaurant, next gathering, or at your family dinner table.

Value Proposition

Today, Oasis Foods not only offers the products and services of a regional distributor, but the care and support to consumers of a family owned distribution company.
Co-founder Mr. Eddie's favorite saying throughout the years was "Service Plus Performance". It is one thing to say you can service a customer, but it's a whole different thing to actually perform the service.


At Oasis Foods, customer service is the driving force behind the company. Oasis Foods has taken their philosophy of performance and has made it part of the work day each day.