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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Total Sanitizer is an authorized product distributor for eco-friendly, hospital grade sanitizing and decontamination products. These eco-friendly FDA registered and EPA approved formulas are manufactured in the USA by a lab holding a license from the Sandia National Laboratories. 

The service side of Total Sanitizer (Total Sanitizer Decon) offers an innovative high-quality delivery method to decontaminate facilities in minutes using an anti-microbial protection strategy with Five Star certification. These methods include the use of cold-foggers, electro-static foggers and other portable machines that increase the efficacy (using EPA List N products) and efficiency when cleaning facilities, surfaces and fabrics. 

Value Proposition

The Total Sanitizer brand of alcohol free, FDA registered, 99.999% effective skin sanitizing products (sanitizer, soap, wipes) are the most effective sanitizing products on the market. 

All of our solutions are non-toxic, highly effective and manufactured in the USA.


Product Efficacy:  Ranges from 99.99% – 99.99999% (up to six log kills) for viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold .

Product Safety: EPA and/or FDA registered, non-toxic, water-based and void of bleach, alcohol, phenol, formaldehyde and triclosan. 

Application Technology: Multiple delivery methods available for products using microbial protection methods for healthier buildings using innovative application for products.

Consulting - Training offered for existing janitorial staff to use product/technologies for professional terminal cleaning.

Experienced - Technicians with experience in mold & environmental remediation, emergency response, site safety management and cleaning/disinfection