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Total Sanitizer’s line of eco-friendly, foaming antiseptic sanitizing solutions are the best products on the market, period! 

Our unique, proprietary formula is FDA approved and 3rd-party tested for safety and efficacy- proving powerful enough to kill most illness causing germs, including Norovirus, Staph/MRSA and E. Coli in under 20 seconds.  

The service side of the business- Total Sanitizer Decon, offers innovative, high quality methods of facility decontamination.  We utilize effective anti-microbial strategies deployed by experts, combined with state of the art equipment and EPA "N" list products to effectively disinfect facility interiors of all types.   

Product Categories: 

Foaming Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer and Antiseptic Soap– Kills most common germs, 99.999% efficacy in 15 seconds

Antiseptic Wipes– Skin or Surface wipes, 99.99% efficacy.

Surface Disinfectant – Safe and effective cleaning, deodorizing solutions intended to prevent cross contamination on surfaces.  EPA N List products.