Case Study


Case Study

Case Study

The Campus at Legacy West reroofing project was all about innovation and logistics. Original labor and overall cost estimates to perform a complete tear-off and roof replacement were determined to be fairly significant and beyond the necessary scope of the roofing engagement. Therefore, if feasible, an innovative and cost effective “recover” design approach would be required. 

In collaboration with a leading product manufacturer, the roofing contractor developed a unique new, adhered “recover” system approach as an alternative to performing a full tear-off. Further securement to the concrete deck of the existing system in place was also performed where necessary. The Campus at Legacy West building included 27 different roofs with no access from one roof to another. It also lacked access at one entire side due to multiple barriers. Therefore, where roof access was not available by sky track, materials were required to be loaded to each roof by helicopter, requiring Federal Aviation Administration approval as to flight time and zone. FAA consent allowed a mere two-hour timeframe to load the nearly 75,000 lbs. of material. 

Strict coordination between the roofing contractor, flight company, government agencies, product manufacturer, and building owner were critical to the success of this roof installation. 

The Campus at Legacy West project was completed in 2019 and delivered on schedule and within budget.


The Campus at Legacy West



Large-Scale, Complex Reroof 

Project by Meta Team partner: King of Texas Roofing Company, L.P.


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