Company Capabilities

Principals/Owners/Key Leadership Team

Heather Rushing
President / Sales / Program Manager / Quality Control

I have a BS of Packaging Science from Clemson University.  I hit the ground running as a packaging coop student and haven't stopped moving since.  I have worked both inside the OEM as the customer as well as on the packaging supply side as a provider.  With 15 years of packaging experience, I have seen it all and seen a lot of waste and decided that Rushing Automotive Packaging was a way for me to help my customers reduce waste, improve packaging design and provide innovative new solutions within their packaging and logistics systems as a whole!  

David Rushing

Vice President / Sales / Program Manager / Purchasing/Buyer

Growing up in a large family manufacturing business that gave me a primary business core value "Employee Time Efficiency", one of largest things I recognize first in each and every project.  Will this new development save the business billable time?  With over 20 years of Engineering and Business Management around Large OEM Automotive supply chain packaging, food and beverage packaging equipment and production line design with managing purchasing and manufacturing these styles of equipment.  I have also worked on 12 U.S. patents, with all these centered around packaging with latest U.S. filing in 2017 for BIW automation racks which I worked on over 50,000+ shipping racks for Mercedes-Benz that are in use today.  My strengths also focuses around design innovation and manufacturability of high production packaging/logistic needs in large and small team environments. I was also a large part of Implementing RFID for Mercedes-Benz worldwide which is their standard platform used today with 40,000 steel racks tagged with active tags and 600,000 totes with passive tags.