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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Rushing Automotive Packaging goes beyond packaging and focuses on your packaging and logistics system as a whole.  Our professional background both within the OEM and as a packaging and services supplier provides us with insight to quickly pick up on waste and loss within your system.

Are you losing packaging?  We can help with that! We offer a range of RFID services that can reduce the expense of replacing lost packaging and even reduce the size of your packaging fleet.

Is your maintenance budget soaring out of control?  We can help! Along with keeping your rack fleet maintained, we would track the repairs and provide solutions focused on saving you money.  You would receive weekly report cards and KPIs to track costs and we would work to lower your expense.   

Do you have rack designs that just are not working right?  We can help with that!  Let us take a look and see what the problem is - I assure you, we've seen it and can get it fixed quickly.  

How is your internal logistics system working for you?  We provide everything from tube and joint materials and assembly, internal sequence racks, AGVs, resourcing and alternatives to high cost products, and even loop tracking for racks that run in sequence.    

Value Proposition

Rushing Automotive Packaging wants to be your one stop source for all packaging and logistics needs!

With RFID services, you can save up to 0.5-1.0 system day of packaging by being able to visualize where your packaging is going and where it is stalling or leaving your system.  

With maintenance, instead of repairing the same problem over and over, our tracking will provide insight as to engineering or process changes that could reduce maintenance costs for your program - we will work to detect what is causing the damage and let's fix it, not just repair it!

For new packaging, we can source all materials from dunnage to racking to returnable bins to save your team time and money!


At Rushing Automotive Packaging, we don't want to be the finger plugging a hole in the bucket.  We want to take that 5 gallon bucket down to a 1 gallon bucket as it relates to packaging and logistics expenses.  It seems we want to work ourselves out of a job but we are ok with that as long as our customers are happy!  Whether it's returnable racks and packaging, internal process racks, or repair, show us where your expenses are running out of control and let us work to find solutions for you.