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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

At SLCH, we are committed to providing reliable, state of the art Information Technology and Telecommunications solutions for the small and medium sized businesses that in the past has only been available to larger organizations. 

We have also expanded to Trafffic Control soluitons by providing the equipment for highway safety and also personnel safety. 

Value Proposition

Today's business environment has never been more challenging, and it can be a constant struggle to stay highly focussed on supporting strategic business goals. 

Today's well implemented and managed IT resources can provide a strategic advantage. Unstable, unreliable or ill-managed IT can be a crippling disadvantage to any business.

SLCH Enterprise LLC also offers a wide range of safety equipment and barriers for both pedestrian and road markets. We offer full installation service on all items, including some of the safest and most durable barriers available on the market today


We will be focussed on your IT needs while you can focus on your business. We pride ourselves in having a high level of product specific knowledge and understanding so we can best serve our customers.