Company Overview


Company Capabilities


Payroll Solutions

We offer a payroll solution that is easy to use, anytime, from any device. Real-time pre-processing and processing. Once you complete payroll, direct deposits, and checks, as well as related reports, are ready. No exporting, syncing, etc. User-friendly and time-efficient.

Time and Attendance: A One-Stop Timekeeping Solution

  • Company In/Out Board to provide a snapshot of employee activity
  • GPS Timekeeping 
  • Manager Approvals offering role-based securities 
  • Dashboard and Reports allowing your team to make real-time decisions 
  • Scheduling capabilities 
  • Mobile Apps for time and attendance on the go 

HR Solutions

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Onboarding - paperless and complete on or before day one
  • Benefits Enrollment to simplify your benefits administration 
  • Develop and Manage to help you align your employees for growth and success 
  • Employee HR Portal with HR On-Demand 
  • Vacation and PTO request anytime, anywhere with calendar sync and scheduling 
  • Document Storage with state of the art security 
  • Mobile Apps with HCM on the go