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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Shelton Communications Group is dedicated to creating a market advantage for the brands and organizations that help create a sustainable, energy-responsible future. 

Through our expertise in the energy and environment space and our understanding of the environmental market we can best reach your target consumer and set you up for success through a marketing and advertising campaign that not just tells your story but paints a picture.

Value Proposition

Our industry-leading research team can uncover the insights critical to your success. We’ll peek inside the minds of your target audience to discover what’s most relevant about their attitudes and behaviors. 

We’ll design, execute and interpret studies to generate the strategic answers that help us position your organization for success.


Thanks to more than a decade of market research, we can see the big picture – and understand all the details. That means we know how to ask the right questions and connect the dots between data points to get the most valuable answers – the ones that will inform marketing strategy as well as creative campaign ideation and execution.