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As president and CEO of ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO, Teresa Hartsaw is responsible for the strategic leadership driving the focus, performance, growth, and innovation of the company. Since founding ePerformax in 2002 with partner, Transnational Diversified Group, a globally competitive and progressive business group of companies since 1976, the company has grown to over 6,000 employees and trainees in three locations in the Philippines, including Pasay City, Cebu City and its newest in Roxas City, Capiz.

Over the last 15 years, Ms. Hartsaw has observed a significant increase in the complexity of customer service support ePerformax is providing its US clients from the Philippines. As a result, she has focused her attention on ensuring ePerformax employees are capable of handling the complexity. According to Hartsaw, “Gone are the days of simple responses to customer inquiries. Today, customer service organizations are finding their employees need to be experienced problem solvers, great communicators, more like consultants, and less like a traditional call center representative. What’s more, the technology advances are both challenging and benefiting our industry at the same time. The availability of more advanced tools helps our employees do a better job assisting their customers. The challenge comes with more customers becoming comfortable with technology and taking care of their own basic needs with self- service so when they do contact us, they expect a higher level of service. Companies that don’t evolve will not exist in five years. ePerformax is tackling the challenge head on with innovative training and development. We will evolve and do our part in making sure the industry is alive and thriving in the years to come!”