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DevMar Products provide cleaning and safety products to create healthier work environments to protect employees, staff, patients, residents and guests.

Our products are made from natural materials and reduce the harmful impact to the environment and humans.

Our Products Include:

  • Chemical & Allied Products 
  • Dry Cleaning Powders/Slip Fall Protection
  • Paper Goods
  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment 
  • Cleaning Tools & Supplies 
  • Environmental & Spill Containment 
  • Office Supplies

Speciality Green & Sustainable Products Include:

PreventX 24/7™ is the first ever EPA/FDA approved durable antimicrobial finish. When applied to a surface, PreventX 24/7 forms an invisible antimicrobial bio-barrier coating that wages a non-toxic warfare against nasty microbes. PreventX 24/7 inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew.

Clean Up™ Biohazard Absorbent is an Emergency Response Tool for effective removal of significant biohazard incidents and prevention of slips and falls from common spills throughout facilities. The technology behind Clean Up™ was designed to reduce time, cost, labor, and odors involving bodily fluid accidents, as well as reduce your risk of corporate liability.

Safety Sweep™ Floor Sweep & Absorbent is a risk management tool that quickly removes grease and reduces liability for slips & falls. It is the only dry phase hydrophobic ceramic absorbent that will remove grease and oil from hard surfaces without the use of water. 

ADAPT ISB™ is a long lasting, durable and invisible non-toxic surface protectant. It is used to control or eliminate static electricity discharge and significantly reduce bacteria, mold, and mildew that causes deterioration, stains, and odors. Routine use will reduce build-up of dust, dirt, soap residue, and biofilm to enhance facility maintenance. 

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