Products and Services



Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Since our company’s founding in 1978, Hole Opener Corporation (HOC) has grown to become a leading provider of specialized drilling equipment for underreaming, hole opening and well abandonment – both domestically and internationally. 

In addition to innovative drilling equipment, we provide logistical and operational services including pre-well planning, proper tool selection and adaptation of equipment to specific downhole parameters and conditions.

Value Proposition

Research, development and manufacturing of tools are conducted at the HOC manufacturing facility in Spring, Texas. Our manufacturing capabilities range from initial drafting and design to finished tool production and testing. 

In addition, we have the capability to manufacture new Security type hole openers as well as Security compatible parts. Once manufacturing is complete, each tool undergoes a series of three inspections before delivery to ensure quality and performance.


Building upon more than 35 years of experience and proven expertise, HOC has earned an outstanding reputation in the downhole drilling industry by focusing on innovation, quality assurance and safety. 

Our company’s niche is in borehole enlargement equipment that is becoming increasingly necessary as the global well drilling market is increasing.