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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Management Solutions, LLC (MSLLC) is a national award-winning management services and consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational performance through proven sustainable solutions, customized to meet our clients and partners’ needs. 

MSLLC has 3 primary divisions: Engineering & Construction, Healthcare, and IT Solutions Support. We serve clients in government (Federal & State), non-profit, and commercial sectors.

Value Proposition

Clients choose MSLLC because:

 ●  Record

 ●  Confidence

 ●  Valued Partner

 ●  Build Business Value

We work with you:

 ●  Step by Step

 ●  Providing Skills & Expertise to be Successful

 ●  To Create & Customize the Right Solution

 ●  To Deliver On-time & On-budget


Our Expertise: Extensive experience working with government clients (DOE, DOD, VA, HHS); and Commercial clients (including Payers & Providers) – on medium to large-sized (over $8 billion) projects.

Our Approach: Our Award-Winning Management Approach that drives sustainable solutions and improves organizational performance, revenue generation, and costs reduction.

Our Culture: Inspired by our belief that “every person and every organization is capable of positive change;” with lasting impacts.

Our Recognition: Honored to receive multiple awards in recognition for performance excellence.