Company Overview


Company Capabilities


For more than 60 years, Kenco has created turnkey solutions for our clients, designed to optimize efficiencies across our customers’ entire supply chain. As the largest woman-owned and privately held 3PL provider, our core competencies include logistics services, transportation, real estate management, material handling, information technology, and talent management.

Logistics Services

Through Kenco Logistic Services, we offer world class logistic solutions from warehousing to value added services. We offer custom solutions and strive to meet the specific needs of each of our clients, resulting in customer relationships that span decades.

Transportation Services

Kenco Transportation Services offers dedicated fleets and regional TL transportation through our asset-based fleet operating out of Chattanooga, TN. In addition, our transportation management division provides transportation management systems, freight brokerage, and other services designed to reduce the stress of freight management for our customers. 

Material Handling Solutions

Kenco Material Handling Solutions offers the best possible rates on quality material handling equipment and provides on-site technicians that perform preventative maintenance and repairs. We also offer MHE tracking software designed to help track and maintain material handling assets. 

Real Estate

JDK Real Estate provides site selection, rate negotiation, and facility customization for companies searching for a distribution center.  

Shared Services

In order to drive consistency across our network, Kenco Management Services offers the thought leadership, functional expertise and technology that our customers need to improve operational efficiency and achieve long-term sustainability. 

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