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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

As a multi-generational business, we've spent lifetimes developing legislative influence, benefits strategies, and technology solutions that help associations like you THRIVE!

- We are a 2nd Generation, Family-Owned and Operated business.

- We have 100+ years of combined experience.

- We have experiential wisdom to guide you now and in years to come.

- We enable our clients to earn over $50 million in non-dues revenue.

Value Proposition

We make your job easier with robust benefits strategies and technolgy solutions that attract and retain membership!


Without us, you will navigate the difficulties of deciding where to begin, and then vet numerous health plans, dental plans, etc. while remaining compliant, as well as waste a lot of your time and money in areas outside of your expertise 

ie: negotiating best rates and contract terms, etc. 

By choosing to partner with us, you will experience an increase in membership, retention, non-dues revenue, and member satisfaction. You will also become a more educated consumer without the legwork, hassle, nor time investment. Your requests for production will hit the market in record time, as they are rapidly prepared and sent to our partnering carriers. You will also gain the compliance and legislative know-how as well as be serviced with ongoing improvements and the latest product offerings.