Company Capabilities

Principals/Owners/Key Leadership Team

Linda Duvoisin
Linda has forged a reputation as a top producer of prime-time television network content. She has produced numerous shows and been awarded industry accolades among other honors for her work. Her highly acclaimed independent documentary film, you don’t know what i got, won the Audience Award at the prestigious Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Linda’s writing and producing experience covers a wide array of genres including science, literature, travel, and lifestyle. Linda’s expert storytelling ability, forged in the high standards world of national network television, helps her corporate clients craft strong and effective messages. She brings passion, creativity and an intense work ethic to every project.

Dave Porfiri
A graduate of USC’s prestigious School of Cinema and Television, Dave spent ten years in the vibrant Los Angeles film production community working on projects that included feature films, music videos, commercials, corporate videos and television films. In that time, he refined his skills as a high-end image maker – working as a lighting director for some of Hollywood’s top cinematographers and eventually serving as Director of Photography on dozens of projects.
Since his time out West, Dave has worked extensively as a producer and director on dozens of hours of programming for National Geographic Channel, PBS, Biography Channel, Fine Living Network, Turner South and many other television networks. In every project he undertakes, Dave regards his cinematography skills as his strongest asset and understands that image is as important as content.