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Core Competencies

Debra Gould & Associates, Inc. (DGAI) is a New Orleans based business founded in 1996. DGAI provides Management Consulting, Training, Facilitating, Business Motivational Keynoting, Surveys, and Executive Coaching services to commercial and government clients. DGAI's mission is to develop and train individuals to grow and rise to their highest potential within their corporate environment.

Value Proposition

Whether it is customer service, written communications, listening skills, diversity awareness, increased productivity, team building, facilitations or employee development, Debra Gould & Associates, Inc. will design a program custom tailored to meet your organization's needs.


• Proven Track Record- I have been on the cutting edge of developing and empowering people. My business Business Process and Documentation and activities have taken me all over the country, from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations, I have the experience and track record to get the job done on time and under budget.
• Partnering With You For Leadership Success - My number one goal is to partner with you so that your leadership role will be reaffirmed and comfortably tied to the success of my services. Workplace diversity, empowerment and leadership issues are the core topics of my business. Exploring the many ways my services can support your organization will be my first order of business in working with you.
• Strength in Working with Diverse Groups- My presentations, training modules and consulting initiatives help individuals, groups and departments to grow, improve and communicate more effectively throughout the lifespan of their careers.