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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

ErgoScience’s scientific approach to physical abilities testing, job analysis, ergonomics, training and post-injury management is effective, dependable and legally defensible. 

 We help employers reduce both employee downtime and workers’ compensation costs, increasing each client’s operational performance and profitability.

Our network of more than 2,000 nationwide clinics and 500 international clinics are located conveniently near our clients’ geographic footprint

Value Proposition

ErgoScience helps employers hire better, create a more productive workforce and a safer workplace through a comprehensive suite of injury prevention and rehabilitation services. 

ErgoScience helps healthcare providers better serve patients, employees, employers and insurance carriers through software and training in functional testing, job analysis, impairment rating and injury prevention. 

ErgoScience helps insurance carriers make accurate and objective return-to-work and disability determinations through validated, defensible functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments and impairment ratings.


Since our founding in 1992, ErgoScience has continued to lead in the field of industrial rehabilitation. 

 We believe in making the workplace a better place, through products, services and research that really works for employers, employees, clinicians and insurance carriers, throughout the employment life cycle.