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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Abform has been a leading full-service provider of uniforms and work wear for the past 37 years. Our dedication to innovation has earned Abform a solid reputation as a company that is dedicated to providing uniform services that exceed our clients’ expectations, with the focus on building relationships and maximizing the value to our customers. 

Value Proposition

Abform Workwear, a leading supplier of uniforms and workwear, serves all industries worldwide. From its early beginnings in 1981, Abform Workwear realized the importance of quality work apparel and its affect on productivity in the workplace. Elizabeth Abdalla is the President and CEO and works with a team of over 20 dedicated employees. If you are looking for more from your uniform apparel supplier, your search ends here!


Our operating model hinges on being flexible, customizable and scalable.
We can optimize our product to suit the very diverse needs of our client list, which spans several industries, including:  

•  oil & gas 

•  electric utility 

• medical 

• chemical 

• maintenance 

• industrial