Case Study


Case Study

Case Study

RFP Lead Time Improvement 


Chromalox, Inc.: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 


S: Salesmen complained of turnaround for Request for Proposals was too slow to increase secure rate.

T: An analysis of the problem showed that Salesmen were not consistent in how they qualified customers or in what provision of key information was needed for the Engineers to process a quote faster.

A: I led the kickoff off a project initiative , beginning with a series of Kaizen events and training. We created standardized on-boarding electronic forms that improved front-end conversations and drove down rework (back and forth information gaps).

R: RFP Lead Time went from an average of 4.5 days for feedback needed to 24 hour turnaround for 80% of requests submitted. Cross-functional relationships improved in communication for both segments.


Mike Schulz