Company Capabilities

Principals/Owners/Key Leadership Team

Kay Abner
President & CEO 


Kay comes from an extensive background of sales and brand-specific marketing. Having spent many years in the promotional event and merchandise arena, she fully understands the importance of effective branding for businesses and how important it is to make an instant connection with consumers so they remember your brand. She created AMP&M as an exclusive branding business where clients would come first and experience a vast difference in customer service, creativity, efficiency and cost effectiveness, compared to larger and less personable promotional companies.

Kay has worked directly with consumers at nationwide events on behalf of her clients for many years and has a deep understanding of the mind of the client. She knows what people like, she knows it needs to be unique and distinctly eye popping and she knows how to make that happen.

Kay consults with her clients not only on their promotional needs but also in areas of marketing that bridge promotional items. Whether it’s a website or graphic design project, creating a promotional mascot, or a unique point of purchase display, it all falls under the umbrella of brand awareness. Kay is passionate about exceeding her client’s expectations and surrounds herself with a team of individuals who still believe the customer comes first.

A serious relationship builder, great communicator and networker, she knows her business extremely well, loves it and will never give less than the best. She believes in order to be successful one has to be ready to constantly “re-evolve” and adapt to the economy and the environment. She believes in personal service and going the extra mile to ensure her clients have a first-class promotional experience. Her ultimate goal is to be the point person for all your promotional needs.