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In 2000, K Design was approached to design the panda exhibit at the Memphis Zoo. The success of this project led her to design exhibits and signage for zoos across the country. K Design prides itself on creating signs that people will actually read so they can get the “big idea” for the exhibit. Today,

K Design works with zoos, nature centers, and museums to create exhibits and signs that get the story across in an engaging way. In 2012, K Design began bidding on projects for architectural signage. Having a designer’s eye, Kathy Kelley brings a unique set of talents to every job that she undertakes.

Value Proposition

K Design Signs & Exhibits was founded in 1984 to provide interpretive, architectural, and wayfinding sign systems to zoos, museum, nature centers, towns, and commercial contractors. 


When Kathy Kelley graduated from with a degree in graphic design, she never thought that her first job out of college would be to design a store that would completely alter the automotive aftermarket. But that is exactly what happened. Think back to what an autoparts store used to look like in 1979. Picture a dirty shop with a counter where you told a serviceperson what you needed. Certainly not a place where a woman would want to shop. That all changed when Kathy and a female architect designed the prototype for AutoZone and today— over 40 years later—that revolutionary store design remains the same.