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Core Competencies

Memphis Speech Solutions’ executive speech coaching strategies are science based. 

Laura uses current research and treatment methodologies from speech, language, hearing, and behavioral science to help you understand how your spoken communication breaks down under pressure.

Learning to manage your Vocal Mechanics is key to achieving an executive voice of leadership and ultimately, greater communication confidence.

Value Proposition

The ability to be understood, deliver a clear message, and present oneself in a confident and concise manner is crucial to success in today’s global business environment. 

After training with Laura at Memphis Speech Solutions, you will: 

1. Gain promotion and career advancement opportunities.

2. Represent your organization as a voice of leadership.

3. Build credibility in media engagements through clear communication .   


Laura's unique niche on public speaking coaching helps you achieve an in depth understanding of how to speak effectively anytime, anyplace.  My comprehensive approach to training goes beyond your immediate goal to achieve a powerful voice for specific roles and projects. I work with you to create a customized, results-driven training plan that will optimize your vocal mechanism for any speaking role. 

Laura ensures you will transfer the newly acquired skills to your interpersonal and business communications with both confidence and accuracy.