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Core Competencies

The Human At Work™ philosophy shapes everything I do at Lisa Graham & Associates. Authenticity is the essential foundation and making decisions that are aligned with your core beliefs and values makes you more effective as an employee, a leader… and a human. My goal is to provide a comprehensive support system to executives and emerging leaders. My services include spot, individual, and team coaching. 

Value Proposition

If you are new to leadership, have recently changed roles, or are facing challenges at work, I can give you the tools to be as effective as possible in your role. My goal is to help professionals flourish at work and in life. We do this by applying solid psychological principles -- tested through research and grounded in practice -- to a wide variety of individual, group, and organizational issues.


One advantage of working with a coach who is also an organizational psychologist is my expertise in how to make (and sustain) significant changes. My services are one of the most cost-effective ways for an individual to improve their performance or for an organization to offer coaching to multiple employees