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Company Capabilities

Core Competencies

Through custom-tailored solutions, we provide top talent to
our employee partners while allowing them to meet diversity goals and to promote equal opportunity in employment. We present the right people, skills, and
 technologies to help organizations improve business performance. We offer flexible options so clients can choose the solution that best fits their specific hiring needs: 

Modified Retained Search – Clients receive top priority partnering with an exclusive Account Manager to locate and secure passive candidates with the skills, experience and culture perfectly aligned with expectations. Exclusive search rights given.

Contract - Helps clients with business surge needs -short or long term. Contract employees provide companies with the needed skills and talent without the hiring hassles.

Contract-to-Hire - Allows clients to observe an incumbent while on our payroll prior to being extended a direct offer of employment ensuring the perfect fit while reducing costs associated with turnover.

Direct Hire - Our specialized Technical Division works directly with client hiring managers to identify qualifications of the position, then locate, screen and secure passive candidates who would not otherwise respond to traditional recruitment methods.

Payroll Services – Should a client identify a viable candidate, FTS will assist in the screening and initial hire of the employee, providing an observation period prior to transition to client’s permanent workforce.

Value Proposition

Our team consists of the industry’s best and brightest Talent Acquisition and HR Professionals. At FTS, our investment in top talent is a priority, setting us apart from the rest. Our clients benefit by working with true industry professionals who understand their needs and how to manage them at every step in the process. As FTS continues to grow and expand, building a sustainably more creative and productive team elevates the energy of our organization ... as well as yours!

Fast and Flexible response to customer and employee needs

Foster a team mentality and empower local management to handle client needs and develop custom recruitment plans

Partnership with our clients, to allow for best possible service 

SafetyFTS senior management has made a commitment to implement policies, procedures, and oversight to maintain a strong safety culture within our company.


When you call on FTS, you get skilled candidates for even the most difficult placements, meet critical project goals, and achieve production schedules that are the envy of all your peers. We acknowledge that your business needs are unique, and should be addressed as so. Through custom-tailored recruitment solutions, we will do our part to find the perfect fit for your organization every time.

✓ Flexibility-One-size-fits-all is a thing of the past – we tailor our solutions to your current staffing and HR needs. 

✓ Speed-We respond and deliver – fast.

Accuracy- Need talent with special skills? We target with laser focus!